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  Wholly Foreign-owned International Logistic Agent Company  

Wholly Foreign-owned International Logistic Agent Company
1.Required Documents for registration

(1) The copy of the shareholder’s passport: It should be certificated by Chinese Embassy in the locality. Please provide three originals.

(2) Bank credit certificate: It is issued by overseas’ bank of your personal bank account and it should state the account information, which includes the following information, such as name of the shareholders, accounting No., the day for opening the account, the balance of the account, the statement of the record, the name, address and tel.of the bank, etc. The bank Credit Certificate should be certificated by Chinese Embassy in the locality. Please provide three originals.

(3) Passport or ID card copy of director, Supervisor, corporate representative

(4) Two original lease contracts, certificate of title, lessor’s copy ID card or the duplicate of commercial instrument copy etc.

(5) 8 passport size photos of corporate representative

(6) Other: feasibility study report, application form, memorandum of association, certificates of appointment, detailed list of the items for export and import and related document are written by our company

2. Processing time: around 80 working days

3.The document after having been established: commercial instrument, code certificate of the enterprise legal person, local and national tax certificates, approval of Foreign Trade &Economy Commission, certificate of approval for a foreign-funded enterprise, financial registration certificate, registration with Foreign exchange administration certificate, common seal, financial seal, corporate seal.

4. Warm remark:
(1) Calculation method of registration fee: Capital* 0.08%. E.g.: USD100,000*0.08%=USD80. This fee is depended on the capital; it is not included in our service fee

(2) The capital is USD100,000 at least. If Hong Kong and Macao investors invest the following business, the capital is required as following:
 A. Being the agency of international cargoes shipping on the sea, the capital is RMB5, 000,000 at least.
 B. Being the agency of international airfreight forwarder, the capital is RMB3,000,000 at least
 C. Being the agency of international land ways forwarder, the capital is RMB2,000,000.
For the establishment of fees and more details, please feel free to call our hotline for the help from our professional consultant. +86-20-83713303

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