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Residence Visa
Residence Permit
  Residence Permit  

Residence Permit
Handle the residence permit

1.  Necessary materials:
(1) Copy of Registration certificate foreign enterprises permanent office in china;

(2) Copy of local tax registration certificate(duplicate);

(3) Passport personal materials page and 2 copies of the newest visa page;

(4) Relation identification that work(Employ the contract or appoint the book、working permit certificate、It is proved that send)、copy of lease contract;

(5) Copy of certificate of organization code & Physical examination report;

(6) External temporary lodging registration forms of personnel/(provide by the public security department);

(7) Company Seal、5 Color Photos and receipt of visa photograph、Resume、copy of certificate of Education.

If all of above documents for the foreign language, need to provide the translation document in Chinese.

2. TIME: About 20 workdays

(1) The physical examination report needs to get to the designated hospital(HEALTH CARE CENTER OF GUANGDONG INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL  Address:No. 207 of Longkou Xi road, Tian He);

(2) External temporary lodging registration forms of personnel, If live in district, this form is gone to the local police station of the district to handle;If live in hotel, form this can platform provide forward.

(3) Also there is new policy about applying for the residence permit, the representatives are required to provide the Z visa. If you want to apply for the Z visa, you must to get the invitation letter from the government, then apply for the working permit then go to overseas to get the Z visa. After that you may get the residence permit.

Generally speaking, the chief representative is easy to get the residence permit, but the general representatives are depended on the policy.

(4) Our company can help you to apply for the invitation letter, Please contact us.

 Any enquiry or more details are welcomed; pls. feel free to call our hotline for the help from our professional consultant. +86-20-83713303

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