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Legal Services
  Legal Services  
  1. To act as a permanent legal advisor for individuals, expatriates, enterprises and other kinds of organizations.
2. To apply for trademark, copyright registrations, patent rights and intellectual property rights as well as counterfeiting right protection.
3. To claim damages on account of traffic accidents, work-related injuries, medical treatment disagreements and product quality disputes.
4. To offer legal aid for criminal suspects, apply for bailing them out pending trial, and plead them in court hearings.
5. To collect payment such as loans, goods, and construction debt, etc.
6. To handle necessary formalities for marriage registration, inheritance, adoption, sale of tenement, and propety transfer as well as other legal affairs.
7. To participate in corporatereconstruction in line with the joint stock system, and provide securities related legal services.
8. To act in economic (especiallyfor those foreign-related business), civil and administrative cases in the scenarios of litigation,  arbitration,medication and conciliation.
9. To witness various sorts of civil, commercial activities, legal acts , and other facts of legal significance.
Any enquiry or more details are welcomed; plsease feel free to call our hotline for the help from our professional consultant. +86-20-83713303
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